Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Racing Highlights for 7/22/11

What a fast dry track!! Lots of rollovers and enough action to keep you on your toes for the night. Kristen Holliday rolled in the Trophy Dash leaving imprints of her wheels in the mud. (You know you can't win the race on the first lap kids!) Matthew Hays rolled a coulple times, thats what you call taking a lickin and keep on tickin! Michael MacLean swept the Sparklettes Beginner class by winning the Trophy Dash, the heat and his Main. Way to go! Jacob Mabbitt and Taeler Harmon made for a nail biting fight for the checkerd with Jacob taking 1st back on turn 4 of the last lap. Dennis Coombs rolled and we all saw this little red thing fly out of his kart as he landed on his wheels facing the infield. Thats the way to roll!!! I know that there were more rollovers but I lost my sheet sorry.

Current points leader and rollover master Matthew Hays

Main Event Winner Jacob Mabbitt

Birthday Girl Olivia Arney took third in her Main Event. Thanks for the yummy cupcakes!

Birthday boy Dennis Coombs and rollover victim.

Winner Michael MacLean

Rollover Victim Kristen Holliday taking 2nd in her Main.

We would like to thank our sponsors:
DalMolin Chiropractic, Bernies Trophies, Claypool FOP Lodge, Sparklettes Bottled Water, DJ's Companies INC., Western Reprographics, Flashback Classic Cruisers of Arizona, Little Caesars, Action Automotive Towing, State Farm Insurance Co. Fernando Shipley, R&M Heating and Cooling, LLC, Mid-State Pipe & Supply Co, Triple Nichol Storage Center, Highway 60 Motors, Stallings and Long Realty, Al's Automotive Repair, Guayos on the Trail, Irene's, Mama Lola Tortillas, Canyon Fire Department and Volunteers and all of the fans and volunteers who support our association.

Sparklettes Bottled Water Beginners Class

Kristen Holliday 390

Michael MacLean 378

Olivia Arney 320

Anna Reeder 300

Ryan Wills  297

Joshua Green  224

Wesley Meeks  201

Hunter Meeks  200

Cougar Cooke  167

Doug,Ashby 129

Elliegh,Reeder 112

Hunter Day 100

Canyon,Cooke  36

Little Cesears Pizza 6-11 Age Class:

Russell DalMolin 363

Michael Riley 355

Shaylyn MacLean 331

Dennis Coombs 325

Zabriel Saenz 325

Dominique Johnson 313

Austin Higginbotham 272

Bruce Arney 268

Gavin Meeks 241

Katelynn Cooper 230

Blake Chapman 223

James Horner 218

Tanner Chapman  211

Tristan Zamora  165

Nathaniel Sharette  72

Christian Day  62

Conner Barton  32

Reichen Cooke 20

Highway 60 Motors 12-18 Age Class:

Matthew Hays  385

Michael Haynie  346

Jacob Mabbitt 338

Kristopher Tower  319

Leah Wallace  314

Molly Lund  287

Samson Pattison  271

Justin Henderson  265

Brandy Reeder  254

Taeler Harmon  244

Taylor Ashby  206

Jonathan Tucker  168

Haliegh Chapman  147

Robbin Newman 142

Jacob Green 130

Jordon Meeks 130

Jacob Tower  94

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