Saturday, July 10, 2010


Why hello my loyal readers :)

I would like to do a quick shout out to LEAH WALLACE!! Great racing girl!!!

So anyway, hope all had a wonderful, action-packed, colorful, patriotic Fourth of July!

I hope flags were flying for that day because I do recall quite a few yellow ones and even a green-white-checker flying Friday the 25th. It was another caution filled, action packed night of racing.

We had new comers and brothers fighting it out for positions. We had a racer roll-over and finish 1st! If you weren't there you just don't know what you're missing! But, that's okay I'll try to fill you in...

Starting the night out and taking the win in the Beginner Class Trophy Dash was Nathaniel Sharette in his Lucky 13.

Takng the win in the 6-11 Age group was Jake Martin in his blue and white number 26.

 Last but never the least, in the 12-18 Age group the Trophy Dash winner was LEAH WALLACE in her new Lucky 13 Black and Bright Orange kart! Way to go LEAH WALLACE!

The Beginner Class Main event went rather quickly without much incident. Way to go Beginners you are starting to get the hang of things. We had a few rookies in the mix and they did great we have a new NASCAR generation on our hands!

In the 6-11 Main event well..... Things took a while, we had somewhere around 6, yes, SIX complete restarts.

There was a dook it out bumper to bumper, tire rubbin' all out,
sibling rivalry between the 97 and 98 Bruce and Samson. 

Katelynn Cooper running in the pack in her purple 9 kart and
her front tire wanted to go back to turn 4, not move on to turn 1.

The 12-18 Age Class just kept rolling along, just ask Cody Melcher, driver of the PcR 4 kart, who brought out a red flag. Cody went tumbling end over end on the back straight out of turn 2. Sorry, no picture, I was so much in Aww that I couldn't move. Go figure, but my photographic skills will someday get better. 

I did however make sure to get the winners of all the Main Events and their Trophies.

In the 12-18 Age Class:
Fourth Place Goes to Tyler Benton driver of the 92 Monster Kart.

3rd Place goes to Kristopher "Bubba" Tower driver of the
 Black and Orange TMR 17 Kart.

Second Place was taken by the PcR driver Dylan Miller in his
purple kart.

Yep, Check it out! 1st place in the 12-18 Age Class was none other than
Our roll-over victim Cody Melcher in the PcR Purple 4 Kart.

In the 6-11 Age Class:
Yeah!!! Bruce I finally got to put your great big smile on the blog!
Way to go 97 Mean Green Racing Machine on all your hard work.
You will be on pole in the Trophy Dash!

Way to go Samson on your 3rd place finish in your 98 kart!

Taking 2nd Michael Riley in his 70 Little Caesars kart.

And taking 1st for a second time that night Jake Martin in his
Blue and White 26 kart!
And, in the Beginners Class:
Taking 4th was Jacob Green in his 101 Kart.

Great Job Gavin Meeks on your 3rd place finish.
Did your dad put led in your shoe? :)

Taking 2nd in his 17 kart was Tristan Zamora.

And for his second 1st place finish of the night Lucky number 13
Nathaniel Sharette.

If you noticed the pattern these younger kids are pretty darned consistent. Way to go kids!

There were many other events in the evening that made it very very long but I am not going to bring them up.  This organization is for the kids and nothing more. I want all of you parents and children alike who take the time to read this to know that if we (parents and racers) do not straighten up our attitudes, we will not have a race track to call home. There are alot of people out there who watch us closely and wait for something to go wrong. I know I personally don't want to see racing leave Gila County for good.

Also, on another fairly serious note... We (the Gila Monster Go Kart Association/Board) need some new volunteers to step up the challenge of becoming a board member, official or car counter. Many of our board and officials are ready to retire, as some of them have been a part of the association since it began nearly 16 years ago. Some of them don't even have racers out on the track. That is the kind of devotion we are looking for in parents and racers. So, if you love your sport and plan on staying involved please speak to an official or board member, we are all happy to help.

Hope to see you soon!

Next race is Friday July 16th 7pm  pill draw is over by 6:15pm.

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