Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Race Results for June 4th and June 18th

Sorry for the delay on results it's been kinda busy around here. June 4th was an awesome week for racing! Tacky track and fast moving karts made for some good racing.

Thank You! Birthday Girl and former racer Kindra Holliday.

Winner of the Beginner Class Main Event
Driver of the 00 car Tanner Chapman.

Taking 2nd in the Main and Winner of the Trophy Dash in the
Beginner Class Tristan Zamora.

Main Event winner in the 12-18 class
Driver of the 14PcR Kart Dylan Miller.

Winner of the 6-11 age class Jake Martin.

Taking 3rd in the Main and Winner of the 12-18 Trophy Dash
Kristopher Tower.

Winner of the 6-11 Trophy Dash
Jacob Mabbitt.

Onto the June 18th Race.
Turns 1 and 2 took alot out of our drivers with a 45 minute Main in the 6-11 age group.
However we had alot of twists and turns in the events of the evening. 

Samantha Zaragoza announced this being her last race.
Congratulations to Sam for moving up to Dwarf Cars.
(Maybe she will be the next Danika)

Starting the night with a win Samantha takes the Trophy Dash. 

Winning his first-ever Trophy Dash James Horner driver of
the 64 Kart in the 6-11 Class.

Nathaniel Sharette taking the win in the Beginner class.

Taking the win in the 12-18 class Main event
Billy Tower.

Putting up a good fight and taking 2nd place in the Main
Leah Wallace.
Driving the #92 kart Tyler Benton taking 3rd.
Taking 4th in her final Main event, Samantha Zaragoza.
Good Luck and Best Wishes!
Taking her first Main event of the season
in the m16 kart Molly Lund.
Samson Pattison in the 98 Kart taking a close 2nd.
Jacob Mabbitt racing his 28 kart taking 3rd.
4th Place is Jacob Martin.
1st Place in the Beginner class Tristan Zamora.
2nd Place goes to Jacob Green in the 101 Kart.
Still grinning from his Trophy Dash win and taking 3rd
putting himself in this weeks Trophy Dash driving lucky 13
Nathaniel Sharette.
And newcomer securing his spot in the Trophy Dash this Friday
driver of the 74 kart Christian Day!

Congratulations to you all! Fairwell to Samantha and welcome to all of our new racers!
Don't forget it is a short week and we race again THIS FRIDAY JUNE 25TH Pill draw is over by 6:15pm Races start at 7.

See ya soon!!

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