Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now That's What I Call Good Racing!

Now that's what I call good racing!!!  Everyone raced a clean, FAST moving, action packed set of races.

Little Caesars Pizza sponsored a night of trophies as well as adding some entertainment and fun to our intermission.
Thank you for all of the free pizza coupons for our drivers. My Sunday dinner was great!

Well, on to the races! We got a bit of a late start but that's okay, it didn't slow our racers down any.

In the Beginner Trophy Dash our Winner was Nathaniel Sharette:

In the 6-11 Trophy Dash Zabriel Saenz took the win:

In the 12-18 Trophy Dash Cody Melcher in his #4 kart took the checker:

Cody was so overwhelmed by his win Little Caesar had to give him a
reassuring hug. It really did happen!

The heat races flew by.

Those Chapman kids sure are good leaders!

"Rocket Man" Kade York flying by, making things look easy.

Molly Lund sailing by!

Cody Melcher out front moving so fast I just couldn't keep up!

 The Little Caesar intermission was very entertaining!

I think he was feelin' alittle "Footloose"

Now onto the Main event...

In the Beginner Class:

Wow Look at that! Three wide in turn 4!

Kristan Holliday just a movin' along!!! Way to go!

And the winner is.... Lucky 13 Nathaniel Sharette!

In the 6-11 Class:

199 Dennis Coombs just wanted to see what it looked like to have
11 other cars come towards him. Actually, he just got loose in the "marbles".

Michael Riley driving the 70 Hot-N-Ready Little Caesars Pizza Kart.

64 of James Horner and 28 of Jacob Mabbitt battling it out for 3rd.
Great race boys!!!

Drum Roll Please *drumdrumdrum* Blake Chapman takes the win!

Last but never the least, 12-18 Class:
The Big Hot-N-Ready pace car.

Brandy Reeder didn't much care for that start! She ended up on her lid,
making it a complete restart.

Go Brock! Go!

Leah Wallace bookin' it for another lap!

Dylan Miller taking the checker!
Way to go!
 Congratulations to all of you racers! You are all out there to win and I still see all of you getting out of the car and playing tag or football and even running to your competitions car shaking hands. I know how proud I am as a parent I can only imagine what yours think of you. Great Job!!!

Okay, so I've sat here and let all these pictures upload and put some time into this. As I'm doing this I'm munching on butter tortillas and a sweet treat of one sort or the other. We totally need to give a shout out and a HUGE thank you and super "Yummy, that was terrific" to Toni Johnson. Toni runs the "Pit Stop" and is mom to the two racers in the 57J.  Thank you Toni and all of your little helpers for all the great food and excellent service!

See ya soon!

June 4th 7pm!

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