Friday, May 14, 2010

A Night to be Remembered - In Loving Memory of Warren Wampole. 5/7/2010

We let go of hundreds of balloons saying goodbye.
Josh Wampole's 98 race car.

Each racer and their parents had a balloon to release.

The Wampole family joined us in saying goodbye.

Thank You Warren Wampole for helping found our wonderful association. You have had a hand in building confidence and sportsmanship in our children. Without you we would not have "The Fastest Dirt Track in Gila County".
Now on to the racing.

Jacob Mabbitt moving right along in hot lapping.

Zabriel Saenz cooking around the 9 car of Kateylnn Cooper.
Beginner Jacob Green finding the right line.

Trophy Dash Winner Nathaniel Sharette, getting warmed up.

Look at all that purple!

Your Trophy Dash Winners (LtoR): 12-18 Dylan Miller, 6-11 Jacob Mabbitt,
 Beginner Class Nathaniel Sharette. Congratulations!!!

Top 4 Main Event winners have a chance to battle it out in the following weeks Trophy Dash.
The following racers will race in this weeks Trophy Dash:

4th Place in the Beginners Class starting on the pole in the Trophy Dash
Kart 101 Jacob Green.

3rd Place starting outside pole in the Trophy Dash
driving the 57J Dominique Johnson.

2nd Place in Kart 13 Nathaniel Sharette will start
second row inside.

And our 1st Place Winner in the Beginner Class starting
second row outside, Tanner Chapman in the 00 yellow and blue kart.

Way to go!!!

In the 12-18 age class taking 4th place in the Main Event driving the
 #12 kart Brock McGill. He will be starting pole position in the Trophy Dash for his age class.

In 3rd place starting the Trophy Dash first row outside driving her
#13 Kart Leah Wallace.

In 2nd Place starting inside 2nd row driving the #17 TMR Kart
Kristopher Tower.

And Winning the 12-18 age class Main Event Driving the #4 PCR Kart
Cody Melcher.

6-11 Age Class top 4 finishes are:

In the #5 kart with a close finish taking 4th Haliegh Chapman.
She will be starting in the pole position in the Trophy Dash.

In 3rd Place Starting the Trophy Dash outside first row.
James Horner driver of the 64 kart. Way to go son!!!

Starting Trophy Dash inside second row 2nd place finisher for the 6-11 Main Event.
Zabriel Saenz driver of the 25 kart.

And 1st place winner of the 6-11 Main Event, starting outside second row in the Trophy Dash:
Blake Chapman driving the #2 kart.

Good luck kids!!!
Thank you to everyone who joined us in saying goodbye to Warren and cheering on our racers. Every weekend we get a larger and larger crowd out in the stands, we can't thank you enough for all of your support!

See ya at 7pm tonight for another night of racing on "The fastest dirt track in Gila county".

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