Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung and racing fever has begun!!
What a great turn out on such a sunny Sunday afternoon! (my red back and shoulders are proof of the sun)

Flagman tellin' the kids what to expect.

Welcome to another fun filled, action packed season of racing. We have a lot of newcomers and a lot of veteran racers. Some have moved up to the older class and some are finding their groove where they left off. 11 rookies showed up this year with 7 of them being in the 6-11 bracket, making a new "Rookie" 6-11 age class. That's right folks 3 main event races now!! Awesome!!!!

Lots of sun and new drivers made for a dry slick track 
real fast! Dry makes a fast track and bumpy makes
things like these happen.


Lots of action!  

Congrats to all of the 1st place winners!!

6-11 "Rookie" class in the yellow and blue 101
Jacob Green

6-11 Racer in the white and red 26 car.
Jake Martin!

12-18 PCR 2009 Points Champion.
Dylan Miller!
Here are a few more pictures to enjoy!

Next time you see Andy Hetrick our Vice Pres.,
Say "Thanks!" He is one our longest association members
and one heck of a good announcer!
On another note we were in the Miami Boomtown parade on Friday the 16th and got 3rd place out of over 25 entries! We plan on being in the Rodeo parade this Saturday the 24th @ 10am, in downtown Globe.  Hope to see you there!

See you in a few days for some more dirt track fun in the sun!

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