Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Race Night 8/7/09

What a great night of racing!

We started our night out with Thomas Phillips rolling his #7 kart in turn 2 during hot lapping.
Thanks guys for checking on him! He was all good!

#20 Austin Higginbotham took a nose dive/spin in turn 2 during the trophy dash.
Darn the bad luck look at that, Austin started pole in his trophy dash!

Matthew Hays rolled is #8 kart on it's lid!
Oh! And he took the win in the trophy dash too!

Guess what?! We had another rollover!
Thomas Woods #54 rolled in *gasp* turn 2 during his heat.
Thomas said "just get me up again"


The final rollover for the night was,
#92 Rookie Tyler Benton getting his first one out of the way.

O hey! One more turn 2 victim!
#57J Tony Johnson landed on his side.

Finally! All of the turn 2 victims have been listed now on to the Awards!

Congratulations go out to:

#16 Leslie "Lala" Tower for winning her trophy dash.
You Go Girl!!!!


Congratulations to Matthew "hat trick" Hays, who lead the whole main, for winning his
Trophy Dash, Heat and Main!

Congratulations to #3z Isaac Zaragoza on your Main event win, leading the whole race!!

Kris Tower won the 50/50 drawing AGAIN!
Mary Hays won a hat donated by Ortega's Shoes.

Thank You and Congratulations!


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