Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wild Friday Night!!!

Just a little heads up there are alot, I mean ALOT of "Congratulations" ahead! Read with caution you might just get up from your computer saying "Congratulations"!

Thank You, to our past, Morgan Tower, and future, Paige Warren,
for raising the flag and showing your patriotism.

What a Wild night of racing!!! Lots of flips, twists, rolls and speed!

Congratulations to Cody Melcher for winning the 12-18 Trophy Dash.
Congratulations to Kade "the twister" York for winning the 6-11 Trophy Dash

Thank you lovely trophy girl Tasha!!!

Congratulations once again to Arron Hetrick on your Main Event win in the 12-18 class.
Congratulations again to Matthew Hays on your Main Event win in the 6-11 class.

Just a couple honorable mentions:
Congratulations to Justin Henderson #69 for rolling on his lid during hot lapping!
Congratulations to #9 Kindra Holliday for taking a bit of a tumble 7 laps into the Main.
Congratulations to#26 Jonathan Martin for taking all of our breath away (all you could hear was gasp) 18 laps in with his axle bending rollover

Congratulations to #199 Dennis Coombs for getting his 1st rollover out of the way!!

Winner of the 50/50 drawing was Connie, a fan in the stands.
Congratulations to Marcos Zaragoza and Molly Lund on winning the raffle of Batting Range coupons!!

Congratulations to all of you it was a great night!!!



  1. just thought i would let you know lol kade is "the rocket man" and jacob mabbitt it "the twister"?

  2. As I was typing out the points i realized that I had put the twister instead of rocket man! So sorry!!!