Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Job!!

Congratulations to Arron "Hat Trick" Hetrick for winning all three of his races (Trophy Dash, Heat and Main)!

Congratulations to Matthew Hays on his Main Event Finish!!

Cogratulations to Jacob Mabbitt on his Trophy Dash win!!

Ok! I have alot to say this week  and will probably do it in a few blogs. I would like to say "THANK YOU!!!" to the Silverbelt and the Advantage for putting a very nice article in their papers. I was totally excited and in awww when I checked my mail today and saw the full color article that took the whole front page of the Advantage with Jacob Mabbitt, Michael Riley , Leslie Tower and Arron "Hat trick" Hetrick all in racing action.  I actually beamed with pride and got chills! I am so excited we got some real BIG attention.

With that out of the way, what a night of racing!

We had rollovers, wrecks, and some great competition out on that track!

Jacob Mabbitt rolled over and over and over in his heat race!
Rookie driver Samson "Samsox" Pattison got his rollover out of the way.
#11 Brandy Reeder had a nice rollover takin' her car out for the night.
Zabriel Saenz got himself a nice rollover too!

It sure was a fast night of racing-for the 12-18 year old class- with an 8 minute main.
The 6-11 age group struggled to keep it together with about a half an hour main.

Great job kids!!
I will have the points posted soon!

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