Thursday, June 11, 2009

Racing at the Gila County Fairgrounds


 Finally the Silverbelt published us!!! Just click on the title of this blog and it should take you right to the Silverbelt article.

> Story:
> Racing at the Gila County Fairgrounds
> Recently a Go Kart racing event was held at the Gila County Fairgrounds. Blake and Carpenter Insurance sponsored the "Trophy Dash" event. In the 12-18 division, the winner was Dylan Miller followed by Leslie Tower, Thomas Phillips, and Isaac Zaragoza. In the 6-11 division, Kade York won the event followed by Brandy Reeder, Jacob Mabbitt, and Jacob Martin.
> In the main event, the results for the 12-18 division were as follows: 1. Isaac Zaragoza, 2. Leslie Tower, 3. Samantha Zaragoza, 4. Dylan Miller, 5. Thomas Phillips, 6. Kindra Holliday, 7. Justin Henderson, 8. Arron Hetrick, 9. Billy Tower, 10. Cody Melcher, 11. Brandy Hetrick, and 12. Jonathon Martin.

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