Friday, June 5, 2009

A belated Congratulations and Great Job!

Just wanted to put out a VERY belated Great Job to two of our Go Kart Racers!!
Isaac Zaragoza #3z  and Arron Hetrick #44. These young men did a wonderful job in Tucson at the USA Raceway over Memorial weekend. It makes me get chills every time I think of these young men racing against (excuse the term but) old men.
Isaac did a phenomenal job for his first time out in the Factory stock div. 
Arron with no surprise (the kid has been doing some sort of racing since he was like 5) did an great job in the Street stock div. 

Like I said it is just a little shout out to our Gila Monster Go Kart racers!!!
Congratulations Boys You are awesome!!!

Anyone else know of any of our other racers racing "big" cars let me know.

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  1. i love watching the big cars. i like seeing my brother all smiles and no fears. rock on bubba. we all love you!